About Us


Welcome to the Department of Workforce and Development (DWD)! Thanks for visiting our employment portal. Here you will find a multitude of programs and services to assist in your educational, training and vocational endeavours.  We invite you to explore this site and to apply for jobs in Bermuda. For further information, please contact us directly through the e-mail links or phone numbers contained within this site. We welcome your suggestions and feedback on how the Department of Workforce Development can enhance the range and quality of its services for Bermudians.


To be Bermuda’s premier provider of services which strengthen the workforce, thereby enabling businesses and the community to sustain economic prosperity.


To provide services to employees, employers and job searchers which strengthen the workforce in alignment with international standards, and promote sustainability, and stability within the community.


1. Service Excellence Future 

2. Professionalism 

3. Adaptability 

4. Collaboration

5. Commitment

1. Service Excellence

To be customer focused and to deliver positive experiences with every interaction. To seek to understand our customer needs.  To be accessible, friendly, reliable, and provide timely service to all customers. To be proactive in offering options, and solutions to all stakeholders.

2. Professionalism

To ensure that our conduct is ethical, honest, consistent, fair, equitable and transparent. To accept responsibility for our actions and to substantiate decisions made with respect to our management, employees, business partners and customers.  To demonstrate best practice competence and skills required to attain our mission.

3. Adaptability

To integrate development solutions and opportunities as an approach to guide management, employees, business partners and customers towards achieving high performance in their professions.  To strategically and positively alter the general course of a situation, particularly as applies to economic and environmental changes.  With stakeholder input, continue to renew or upgrade developmental requirements, solutions and services that will maintain customer confidence and ensure quality assurance.

4. Collaboration

To create a culture that will promote management and employee involvement, open communication, teamwork and cooperation.  Our employees are our most valued asset.  We recognize that the quality, motivation and performance of our employees are key factors in achieving our success in our community.

5. Commitment

To provide a high standard of service to all of our stakeholders that will be in the best interests of maintaining a sustainable and healthy economic environment.

We want to know how we are doing and we welcome your comments on our performance.