Frequently Asked Questions

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All information regarding your application will be communicated via email. For this reason it is strongly suggested that all applicants use an email address when submitting their application.

Create an Email Address

If you do not currently have and email address we encourage you to please create one.

Here are a few options (You are not limited to these suggestions):

  • 1) Click “Create New Account” or “Sign up”
  • 2) In the following screen input all requested information and submit.
  • 3) Upon submission the creation of the email address is instant. Email is now ready to be used.
Please contact your employer and request all information required to complete your application. It is also suggested that you confirm that all information regarding your employer is correct.
You can save in draft until it is ready for submission.
Yes. Please attach a copy of the work permit card and work permit number with the application.
The system should auto populate your TaxID. If it is not prepopulated please contact the Department of Workforce Development.
Yes. Please ensure that all appropriate documents and information are correct. In assisting the individual, please ensure that they understand and indicate that they agree with the terms of agreement.
Yes. Please provide evidence of two quarters of payroll tax submissions with the application.
No. The benefit is available to employees that were full-time.
You are eligible after the contracted start date. (Please note that responsibility rest with new employers after that start of the contracted time) If you have any issues or questions please contact the Department of Workforce Development.
Yes. Persons on Financial Assistance are not eligible for the unemployment benefit.
It is best to apply online. However, if there is no other option please contact the Department of Workforce Development.
You must provide evidence of 2 quarterly payment statements. Failure to provide evidence would mean you application will not be successful or you are not entitled.
If you are self-employed please contact the tax commissioner to obtain evidence that your taxes are current.
The benefit will last until you resume working but will not exceed the maximum period of 12 weeks.
Please contact the Department of Workforce Development.

If you do not have a Social Insurance number please download an application and submit it. Follow the link below:


Once an applicant has input the correct spelling of their given name (government name) AND correct date of birth, their Social Insurance number should automatically populate that field. Please remember not to use nicknames in the system.

*If you have an issue please contact the Department of Workforce Development.

If you are Bermudian, one of the following documents is required: Passport or Voter’s Identification Card

If you are the Spouse of a Bermudian please provide a copy of the Official Spousal letter from the Department of Immigration.

If you are a Permanent Resident Certificate Holder (PRC) please provide a copy of the Permanent Resident Certificate.

If you are a Work Permit holder (Guest Worker) please provide a copy of the Work Permit Card and Work Permit number.

*If there are any issues with your ID, please contact the Department of Workforce Development.

If your application has been approved, you will receive a notification via email. The approved application will be processed and the funds will be transferred to the bank account given in the application.
Payment of the benefit is made to a bank account so we encourage all applicant to establish a bank account. Joint accounts will be accepted.
If you are a work permit holder and currently unemployed and the Bermuda Government has lifted international travel restrictions the unemployment benefit will end and employers are requested to adhere to immigration policy regarding unemployed ex pat workers.
Successful applicants can anticipate receiving their first payment approximately two weeks after they receive their approval notification. Thereafter, payments will be made every two weeks.
All payments are based on the application date, and will last approximately 12 weeks from the application date.
Successful applicants will be reassessed every month and have to submit a letter confirming whether they are currently working including the date work commenced or affirm that they are still unemployed. Failure to submit a letter with the correct details may result in cancellation or suspension of the unemployment benefit.
Taxi owners must show proof from TCD that they are up-to-date with their payments. Taxi owners who rent their taxis must provide evidence of any drivers who they rent to that the person drives 15 hours or more. It is the owners’ responsibility to provide accurate information.